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Issue #1

Your template forms the loading of images from the @ data-oembed-url, but why does not it form an iframe? In this article at the end there is an element with the @ data-oembed-url attribute with a link to another site. Most likely this should be converted to <iframe>

Your template completely ignored this link.

Here is a similar problem:
Andrew A.
The question is not "why my template does not form an iframe", the question is why your template does it. On the site, there is no iframe that your template creates (there are two other iframes used to embed images, but no this one). And neither on the site any iframes are created dynamically by a script, nor in my template.

> Here is a similar problem
Nothing similar. @data-oembed-url parameter of an element functions only as an indicator of "which URL an iframe inside that element embeds". If there are no iframes inside that element, this parameter is idle. Iframely script makes no attempts to create an iframe based on it (in fact, Iframely script doesn't create iframes at all).

For admins: if you need to understand what this @data-oembed-url thing is all about, see this issue: Iframely is a mediator to embed media. In the case of this page, direct inserting works even better because of some Iframely API troubles (on the site, you have to click a link to open images).
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Apr 4, 2019