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Issue #2

First things first, I'm sorry for adding that issue again, but, unfortunately, I was not able to respond to the previous one.
First, you said that checklist was requiring only not to generate IV for dynamic pages. Read carefully, 'cause docs tell us to "mark any unsupported essential content using the @unsupported function". At this page, there is no content that could be marked unsupported, which means you do not follow the checklist.
Secondly, you said about "a clearer picture". As long as there are no elements could be marked with "@unsupported", you do not make thing clear. Instead, you trick users and admins by (I'm not sure, but I deduce so) deliberately adding an unsupported iframe.
Thirdly, what the freaking widgets are talking about? The only thing that helps you to determine whether this page is static or dynamic is in the json data(find yourself), which I use, in case you are "not sure" about mine.
Whatever, I'm sure that admins will make right decision regarding this problem.
I'm done justifying myself to you, so this comment is dedicated to the admin.

There are exactly two kinds of widgets on this website (buttons, ultimately), which let us know that current article is live:
• <p class="refresh"> here:
• <button id="live-refresh"> on the current page
Those allow us to refresh the page dynamically, and those are the markers telling us that these elements are not supported by IV and that the page is not static.
Claiming that I added some iframe is ridiculous, since my preview says ELEMENT_NOT_SUPPORTED, not EMBED_NOT_SUPPORTED.
You can also check my code too make sure it's true.
Declined by admin
No IV page is generated for dynamically updated page.

Seems that 'Refresh'-button is commonly used for such pages, so in that case, it's acceptable to mark it as unsupported.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Jun 18, 2017