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Issue #4

This is not cover. It is image from slideshow
Remixer Dec
Well it's a cover of the slideshow, so what's wrong?
Contest rules say:
The main image can be shown as cover on the IV page if a suitable image exists in the source.

P.S. This image is set from meta tags. And it can be different from the image in the slideshow ( ). Meta tags are the only valid source for cover images because in some pages with video framed content there is no way to get a cover image other than using one from meta tags.
Accepted by admin
The cover must not be set if the cover image is duplicated in the article.
Remixer Dec
I. I was wrong, saying that this is the 1st image of the gallery. Those are DIFFERENT images. The cover is NOT duplicated. You can tell that by 1) Taking a closer look at the cover and 1st album picture. (The "bowl" is rotated and the black "wire/tube" at the bottom left is only present in the cover.) 2) Look at the image URL, it's different. Even when you compare it with other gallery pictures that look similar. (Also you can't see a dark "handle" on top left of the cover which you can see on all similar gallery images. Another proof that cover/gallery images are different.)
II. It is a VALID cover image that is present on the page. Bellow the article, bellow the FB logo, you can see the cover image of this article ( )
Accepted by admin
Since there is only one image and it's inside the slideshow in the original article, it shouldn't be duplicated by a cover
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 21, 2019