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Issue #1

Static article with content for readers, talks about religion. IV should be generated. You can use <summary> and <details> to get the same look. Check with mine.
Mykhailo Komendant
There are 5 such pages in total on this site:

And it is not static, in the bottom present button 'Daha fazla içerik göster', that means something like 'Load more content'. Click on it and it will load another content of this page using ajax request.

I tried to load all subpages with @inline and found that:
1. there is no way to get total amount of pages until you dont get last page where 'count' key in json have 0 value;
2. this will make IV very huge (there can be more than 15 pages) and for some reason it doesn't creates 'INSTANT VIEW' button in app even if editor shows IV correctly.

We can make a link to next page by adding '?page=2' to current link, but this is a bad workaround cause site doesnt provide static link to next page, and don't expecting such request and doens't handle it properly.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 16, 2019