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Issue #2

Since there's no `site_name` meta presented, seems we have to argue again :)

I think site_name should be `@ASTERA` instead of `@ASTERA: Новости IT и финансов`.

I've checked CNN, in title they have `CNN International - Breaking News, US News, World News and Video` while the `site_name` is set to `CNN` in their source code, so `Новости IT и финансов` in this site is something similar to `Breaking News, US News, World News and Video`, it describes what the site provides, it's not part of site name. Just imaging you have a blog, and someone ask you for your Site Name, you won't tell him something like `Новости IT и финансов`, only `@ASTERA`.

So this is my last report, I don't think I can find issues anymore :) Good luck!
prettier (and probably non-clipped by server-side limit on response length) version:
I think both variants are possible.

"@ASTERA: Новости IT и финансов" is to what their wordpress site name is set. You can see that:
- looking related article iframe/widget (presented in this article and tons of others):
- looking at titles of pages with articles
- looking to what name is set at wp-api they expose:

Difference from CNN is that CNN is proper noun, if you know what news is you probably heard of CNN. So it CNN case it's added short description (which is also obviously too long for title)

This site isn't popular by any means (articles struggle hitting 1k views) and because of that they have short slogan right in their name, so people who see it first time would have an idea about them.

As example Instant View IV has $site_name set to "Instant View Platform", while it seems
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The template author has a point. so in this case both variants are acceptable
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Feb 16, 2019