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Issue #2

Missing image.
All images on the site are shown in low-resolution form, it is done by appending resolution to the end of a source link

so to get a link for a high-res (original) version of the image, we need to remove it

This patten works well when it's done correctly. But 三 陈 did a mistake previously and got an issue from me:
Although admins hadn't seen that issue before, I want to clarify: these are very different issues. My issue to him was deeper, his regexp could remove data from the inside of the link, not just from its end. And this flaw in the pattern might affect newer articles as well. When authors of the site post an image with some unfortunate text in its name (matching his regexp), it is a common case for them, but his templa
Declined by admin
I decline this issue unless it will be proven that it's a global issue for most recent articles, not a single one in the article from 2014. Also the Template #31 (by 三) just hardcoded this particular image as exception, so its author can't claim he handles the page better. If it turns out the issue is global, I would recommend to use srcset for better resolution extraction.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 15, 2019