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Issue #1

this page contains the google map and contact form that are essential content and related to the article and there are Unsupported, so you should not generate IV for this page
the forms and google map are not related to the article but they are to contact with the clinic center and are located at the very end of article separated by a divider.
contacts form and the map service can be easily detected by checking the src of iframe to remove them.
Accepted by admin
Please check
'Pages that display unsupported content (e.g. an interactive map widget) must not generate IVs.'
The unsupported content that you mentioned are ADVERTISEMENTS. This webpage is an article that also includes an ADVERTISEMENT for a clinic center at the end. The point is that this advertisement part contain two unsupported IFRAMES that are easily and properly detectable and removable by checking the source :
1- The contact form is detectable by checking "form.bartarinha" in the source of Form iframe.
2-The map is detectable by checking "" in the source of map Iframe.
In fact I have removed the advertisements to create an IV. Is this approach wrong ?
Issue 4 is the duplication of current issue! so please consider that.
Accepted by admin
Sorry for the inconveniences - the map and the contact form indeed can be considered as not essential content - would still be nice to preserve them. Not generating IV (@unsupport) here would aswell be acceptable.

Your template still has valid issues like this:

That way we can't restore your template to it's previous place and need to re-accept this issue. We're sorry about this.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Jun 19, 2017