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Issue #1

These pictures probably shouldn't be in tables. But there is also an unsupported infogram chart on the page, so it shouldn't generate an IV.
Andrew A.
Normally, <p>s inside <div class="post-attachment"> are used on this site for figcaptions (like here: The page you provided is most likely the only of its kind. As there is no classes but only the direct CSS rules in the "style" attribute, it probably doesn't make sense to devise solution to beautify this particular page: it will not have global significance. But as I will resubmit the template anyway, I will support it.

As for Infogram, I can't say I understand completely the rules regarding to whether it is possible to leave a link to Infogram instead of unsupporting the whole page, especially given that is it scheduled to be supported in the future (—I would like to hear some clarification on that from admins—but to feel more secure I'll resubmit.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Mar 28, 2019