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Issue #12


by Dina Abebe and Israel Gadissa🙌🙌

Hello again everyone how is everything going on lately? 🙌🙌

We hope y’all have got something useful from our previous post about preventing the spread of novel corona virus through phones and other devices!

👉Today we going to share about material that are major transmitters of the novel corona virus and how to prevent the spread.

‼️Corona virus can be spread through public properties or materials that society use in common.
But keeping this materials as clean as possible with prevent the spread.
Although there are some materials that cannot be cleaned but still we can immediately clean ourselves after using or touching them.

Here are the lists of materials that can transmit the novel Corona virus


📍- Dirty and worn out money notes (‼️literally everywherein Ethiopia! Please be aware of this‼️)

📍- Door knobs, window knobs, any other knobs‼️

📍- Bathroom or other washroom sink handles (‼️please make sure to wash the handle of the hand washing sink before washing our hands‼️) and stay safe on using public bathrooms

📍-any public wooden or plastic materials like cafe chairs,tables,doors...‼️

📍-any public metallic materials like stair case, elevator, escalators, metallic doors (‼️please b aware because metals can hold the virus for 3 hours on copper or other metallic surfaces‼️)

📍-any writing materials like pens and pencils, papers, brochures, magazines, books, pamphlets, or any other materials on liberaries, post offices, banks, civil service agencies and companies, and any other place that peoples interact‼️

📍-‼️public telephones, fingerprint detecting devices, elevator operating panels (the one with the numbers of floors on it)‼️

📍-public transport chairs, doors, windows or any other handdles
(‼️As much as possible cross your hands and sit or if you are standing put your hands in your pocket or use gloves or tissue paper for touching handles‼️)

Please all university students, civil servants, public transport users and works be aware of the materials that you use and make sure to wash your hands or use sanitizing alcohol after touch them or if you can every 30 minutes of public interaction‼️

Thank you for keeping your self, your beloved one's and your society away and free from COVID-19!
.....Dina abebe and Israel Gadissa.....
"Being clean pays off"‼️

Stay clean stay safe 🙌

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Mar 23, 2020