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Issue #1

These charts are essential for a website dedicated to benchmarks. According to the previous admin's decision pages with charts should be supported without loss of essential information.

However, there's a substantial difference between charts and tables: charts are visual, tables are textual. If textual representation were enough, there wouldn't be a need for charts in the first place. Charts make it easy to quickly get a gist of data by comparing values visually, which is impossible for textual content.

This distinction becomes even more important when there are more data points: more groups, multiple types of values per group.

Since we must support such pages, we have to do it properly. So I went ahead and added support for charts preserving the visual component. I've tested it both on iOS and Android, but please give it a try too.

Tabular representation might be better than nothing, but I believe there is no reason to prefer it to actual charts.
arseny m
Yes, your version is great. Really great. But I think I'm not going to re-write all this code from scratch again. So let my template meet its fate.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 13, 2019