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Issue #1

Subheaders are lost inside the list.
Actually they are not a sub-headers.
They are simple paragraphs (<p> tag without any classes,styles or ids) inside a list element (<li>).
They are looking a bit enlarged because of font-size defined in "em" units and "em" is relative to parent.
.article p, .article li { font-size: 1.15em; }

Either it was a redactor mistake or done intentionally - we definitely should not just extract all <p> elements from the <li>. Side effects on other pages will be expected.

Right now there is no content loss or added content.
Declined by admin
The template creator makes a good point. The structure of this page's HTML and CSS is quite strange. It's difficult to tell if the original page was implemented this way by accident or on purpose. It's definitely not a standard way to show subheaders.

Since this seems like a one-off formatting case, supporting this is optional.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Jun 14, 2017