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Issue #2

The contents of the nested list are not fully supported / formatted at all.

This is essentially a corrupted IV.
Pavel T.
OK, my opponent has found article from 2015 & his template supports it. But... Dear administration!
The way to fix nested lists for us - to write a lot of ugly rules, add spacewraps & symbols which allows nested elements look ALMOST like nested <li>... Also, these ugly rules may be ok for every template - we don't know where authors will use this type of list. For example, I havent found this article from 2015 (on other pages from 2017 i cant find where this type of layout corrupts IV).

The way to fix it for you - some code in your engine or in "true?after". We cannot predict where site owners will use tags which are unsupported by IV.

Which way is more logical for the process? Every developer use his own symbols, own count of spaces when he transfroms list elements to string... is it really correct & nice that a lot of templates going to look different because of our need to generate mad solutions for standart web elements?

Thank you for you answer. I'm still thinking that this problem should be fixed
Accepted by admin
Thank you for your comment. Indeed, things like tables and nested lists will very likely be supported in the future versions of Instant View. But this does not necessarily mean they will work out of the box on most websites — so for this stage we needed the template creators to ensure that their templates displayed all content well (using some hacks) or not at all. Unfortunately, leaving those lists like this is not an option.

We are sorry that you were unable to locate this issue before the end of the contest. For this contest, this domain will not have a winner, but this only means that it will be fair game for the next one — and you already have laid most of the groundwork. We wish you the best of luck!
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jul 18, 2017