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Issue #3

This page must be generated. In accepted issue every images is "η„‘ζ³•δ½Ώη”¨εŽŸεœ–ε€–ιˆ"(which means direct access denied), but this page is must be generated.
Robin Wong
In the accepted issue you mentioned, admin replied with "If essential content cannot be displayed, then an IV should not be generated."

According to Checklist 2.3, pages with "Any other unsupported content" must NOT generate IV. It means that the whole article should not generate IV as long as there exists essential element(s) that can not be presented in IV even if there exists only one.

In this article, the 1st and the 6th image are displayed as "η„‘ζ³•δ½Ώη”¨εŽŸεœ–ε€–ι€£" in IV, but in a real world browser, they are other normal images. (See They are part of main content of this article, that is, they are essential content for this IV. But they are unsupported since they can not be displayed normally (as a real world browser does) in IV.

Here are two examples that IV supports: : a post whose images are all hotlink protection disabled. : a plain text post
Declined by admin
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 24, 2019