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Issue #1

The whole idea of Instant View platform is to give convenience to the users. Throughout the site, there are youtube videos and sometimes the site does not render these into iframes. It'd be of much assistance to all if there was a feature to render youtube video links into iframes automatically.
My template can be a paragon for this.
Max Efimov
This is really cool, but it is not an obligatory requirement. In the rules it is not written that we should turn the links into frames. Especially in the original article too a link, not a frame, so this is not a mistake
Accepted by admin
Template #8 handles the case better.
Max Efimov
Yes, template 8 handles it better, but I did not know that we should turn the links into frames. Its just a link. Author decide put here link, not frame. Nowhere in the rules about this is written and in general I consider this functionality inappropriate. I just did not know what it's needed. But the author ignores many articles of this type in which there is a vote, and this is a direct violation of the rules.
Declined by admin
We agree with the appeal. Our admin was wrong to accept this issue.

While template #8 creates a nicer IV for this page, the IV must first and foremost reproduce what the user sees in the original page. The IV for this page generated by template #7 is a verbatim copy of what can be seen in the original. We could attempt to be 'holier than the pope' and display an improved version in IV, but this is by no means obligatory.

Please accept our apologies, this template is now restored to the contest.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 17, 2017