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Issue #2

Sorry for duplicating the issue #1. I came with more details.

Here's a reference issue for the Issue#1 on this template:

The page reported in the issue above is also has a description which consists of the title. But your template takes care of it. So do the same for this page too. I think you just forgot to do this for the columnist pages after seeing the issue linked above.

Also, there are a lot of clarifications say to clear or prepare the content for the IV according to the rules. It's no matter how they've presented it if it's explicitly explained in the clarifications. You must take care of it.
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The page from issue you mentioned had a displayed description - it's ".subPageSpot" element, in my description hierarchy it goes first.
I didn't forgot to handle the description here - I decided that it's better to use meta tag, as this type of articles has only a title and a text, no node with special class or a lead section which can be interpreted as the description. Manually setting the first <p> in body as a description is not right - for example, here the meta description is not equal to the text in first <p>.
The only thing Checklist says about a description is that:
1. It is required
2. If a short description exists in the source, it must be used for the link preview (OpenGraph descriptions, lead sections, etc.).
I suppose my template fits these requirements.
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Feb 24, 2019 at 10:43 PM