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Issue #2

you must remove this icon
it is actually an image inside text of a paragraph. why should I remove it without any reason ? removing makes the article incomplete.
Accepted by admin
Unnecessary content.
Please check the ORIGINAL webpage. This image is inside a paragraph and inside a link to a pdf file. There is no way to detect the image unless checked by exact matching of src attribute of photo!! This approach of removing an unnecessary item is very weak and is not a generally proper idea. In addition saving this photo in the article helps its completeness and the photo is a sign to the users that there is going to be a pdf file in the link provided by article.

I want to inform that there's a mistake in decision for an issue for the other template of current domain. (I'm so sorry but this is the only way to contact with you).
The mentioned page on issue is a mobile view article on the website and I think that mobile view pages should have also IVs because they are simply html format articles.
Declined by admin
Duplicate issue.
Declined by admin
Sorry, wrong comment. This issue is not a duplicate, but we do not see a reliable way of identifying and removing this content.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Jun 18, 2017