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Issue #1

"While it's possible to modify interactive components of a page into simple links, the IV format was primarily designed to allow Telegram users to enjoy web content in a quick and uniform way."

This page require that interaction because this is gallery-like page where it require clicking to the next or previous slide buttons (interactive components) and require to generate new page every time you click it.
The same slideshow-like page which shouldn't be generated. Additionally to the previous issue there is no any content.

Here the page of the same type (
but that is a store area which also shouldn't be generated according the rules.
To answer to this in it's entirety:
The Page is simply an article (as seen in it's meta description). It is static and easily accessible and readable in html, it's not necessary to take it out of the IV. The 'interactive component' is simply a set of links for navigation, this is not what i understand under the term interactive (otherwise, no wikipedia article with a single link out of the site would fit the description). The generation of pages is not part of the debate and it's not presented that we should optimize the number of sites generated. On the other hand, a such generated site is quicker, simpler and free of ads for the user.

The missing text doesn't btw mean that the site shouldn't be generated, as pages without text should not solely consist of slideshows (Checklist 6.4), this means it is still accepted that a page consists of media only without any text.

Lastly, this has nothing to do with the rules, this is still a gallery or article, not generating a store site relates simply to the act of o
Declined by admin
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Jun 18, 2017