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Issue #2

Cover should not be set, it should be placed with the credit.

I've reported a similar issue here, but looks like nobody was convinced. This site has too many broken html, we should do as less as we can.
Giovanni M.
Another nice try by Sam! ;-)

Here the point is not whether to set the cover or not. The point is that the caption did not follow the figure in the cover. This happened because the author used an unidentifiable <p> tag for the caption. All the figures on this website use identifiable fields for the captions. In this case the field is empty:

<div class="img_accreditation"></div>

For me this 'issue' should not be considered because:
1) This is a rather old article, probably nobody will share it.
2) It's a very rare mistake coming not from my template, but from the author.
3) In all other pages my template correctly sets cover captions.
Accepted by admin
Since in this case the cover is not required, the image should be inside the body, because the caption-like text is out of context.
Giovanni M.
But, it's the only case in the whole website and it's due to an author mistake ... and the article is quite old, nobody will ever share it.

More important, Sam wasn't completely honest about the similar issue he refers. The text he highlighted there is clearly not a caption, but regular text used as sub-header. How can the word "Opinion" be the caption for an image representing an hamburger?
Declined by admin
I checked about 100 most recent articles. Indeed this issue is caused by the article author's typo and it isn't common markup.

I'm going to revert the decision, but I'm not going to restore the template since I found critical issue. See:

As I can see, you already submitted the new version without cover. Note you can bring cover back, since the issue is invalid.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 26, 2019