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Issue #2

Author missed
Chingiz Gaffarov
This is the source of the article, not the author. It is given in: <div class="source"><p>Par Enganche, Blogueur</p></div>. If you make it the author the source that doesn't contain any author name will be the author. You can't make the source the author. There are very little pages that contain author name in the <div class="source">, you can't identify them. So it is unnecessary to make them author.
According to the checklist:
Accepted by admin
According to your information sometimes div class="source" contains a real author name. So it should be formatted as author
Chingiz Gaffarov
Dear admin what can I do in these situations:,29611.html
<div class="source"><p>Avec</p></div>,29613.html
<div class="source"><p>Avec</p></div>,29582.html
In the above page the source is like this-->>>
<div class="source"><p>Avec</p></div>

As you see it is the same as:
<div class="source"><p>Par Enganche, Blogueur</p></div>
They are the same, the author name can't be identified. It causes other pages to damage. Please recheck it. It isn't an issue. -->>
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 26, 2019