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Issue #2

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Yes, thank you.
I don't really understand arbiters' decision on this matter. First they accept an issue about not handling one special case. When I object that there is no general solution to the problem, only case-by-case fixes, they say "it's possible to identify by width and height attributes". When I object again, claiming that it's not a solution either, because neither presence nor specific values of these attributes give us enough information, they wave it off with "should be resolved by template authors".
So, dear arbiters, which one is it? Do you say it's identifiable or that we should figure it out ourselves? Because here we are, two template authors, agreeing that there's no general solution to this problem.
Regarding the issue at hand. Seems like you fixed this page by detecting image src value. Because the example template you linked doesn't handle it. In fact, I already implemented that logic, and it doesn't work for this page.
So, if this issue is accepted, shell I go find another special case?
Accepted by admin
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Please help me understand the reasoning behind decisions regarding these images. We really need to understand what's acceptable and what's not and why. So when you accept or decline an issue for which there is no clear rule in the Checklist, please, provide at least some comment.

If this is a valid issue, why the other one is not?
Accepted by admin
These icon-like pictures either should be removed or formatted like icons with <pic>. Their size as <pic> isn't so important.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 25, 2019