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Issue #6

Preview for related gallery must be <related>
In your template it takes so much space and looks very ugly
Anton S.
This is not a related article, it is the gallery page of the article. Images have links to the gallery and because they are small they are tagged with <pic> so that the user can't view them fullscreen.
Accepted by admin
The gallery must be inlined and displayed in the IV
Anton S.
We can't inline galleries because the site uses the same type of preview box ('inlinefotostrecke') to preview different related articles. There is no way to say if it's the article gallery or if it's a related article with images from that article.

In this same article, there is another 'inlinefotostrecke' box that links to a different gallery with a comparison between S8 and S8 Plus, while the article is about S8 Note.
I've seen up to 4 of 'inlinefotostrecke' in the same article with no way to differentiate between the actual article gallery and another article preview.

I think my template handles this type of 'inlinefotostrecke' in the best possible way.
Accepted by admin
This formatting is absolutely unacceptable.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 24, 2019 at 4:13 PM