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Issue #1

In short: these are not images with captions, they are previews of other articles; and now these blocks do not look like preview, which is confusing.


You have a good point here:

Though now formatting is off: article previews are inserted as regular images, and headers/links become captions.

It will look odd, especially when there are no separater header for each article preview.

For example here:

There are other cases where is's not ideal:

Instead, I propose we use blockquotes. It will align this case with twitter/facebook/instagram/etc embeds in IV. This way we can preserve images, short descriptions and headers/links.

Check out my template to get the idea.
Mykhailo Komendant
<pic> element is designed to use it for icons in text (eg emoji). Here is example of template where I use it:

I tried wrap this cards in blockquote, using pic element for image and found that for some reasons it broke the blockquote element:
It happens if we use <pic> without width attribute, or if width value is larger than user screen (minus space for rendering quote line).

Card desription repeats 1st paragraph from linked article, and Curiosuty remove it from mobile verion of site; since this is not a part of current article, I think we can omit it from IV.

I think it is possible to provide of IV users same behavior of article what use Curiosity (hide content that is not relate to article), and display this cards as image:

Display this cards in <blockquote> element will be possible if IV devs make possible to use images in blockquotes, without it I dont see how to format this card as a blockquote in a correct way
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IV page is missing essential content
Feb 10, 2019