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Issue #2

missing data-language="html"
Den S.
Short: data-language is not obligatory.
Long: 1) Crayon Syntax Highlighter shows code language if it is set by the author. My template uses that to set data-language.

2) There are no large <pre> blocks on this site to consider this issue even somehow critical, keeping in mind it is one click away for an author to set code block's language for Crayon. Not our problem. And I think authors will take care of this if the blocks become big.

3) I guess your template takes file extensions and sets data-language after it. And what if you miss some languages? What if you set wrong name? It is unreliable. Therefore I think using Crayon's data is the right way, despite authors don't set it every time. It shows the right language name.
Declined by admin
"It is advisable to include the code language attribute"

advisable != obligatory. > "Note on code languages"

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IV page is missing essential content
Feb 24, 2019