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Issue #1

These elements should probably be formatted as <aside>: note how the previous paragraph ends with a comma and this starts with lowercase. This doesn't work well with just plain italics.
Andrew A.
In IV, <aside> means pull quote ( This is not a pull quote. This is not a quote at all.

If we look into HTML, we will see that this element has the class "accent". And the purpose of this element through this website is to give accent to some text. Accent ≈ emphasis (see <em>). This is why I chose italics for this text.

Also, for the following reasons: 1) There is a lot of bold text on this website. This element is used near bold text a lot (even in this article: Ctrl+F "Предусмотрен вывод из работы"), so we need to choose another formatting. 2) Blockquote is already occupied by real quotes. Admins can visit to see how they look.
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Andrei's explanatios are reasonable.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 22, 2019