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Issue #3

I still think this should be removed. It's the same story as with "#" before headers on some sites
Andrew A.
OK, for the third time. This link is for copying a URL into clipboard and giving it to somebody. This somebody can open the link in IV (or in a web browser) and be taken to the anchor location. You remove such an opportunity for the reader. What's the problem with you?

Also, what is the point of an anchor if you remove the link to it?

"I still think" — it's not the matter of what your subjective opinion is. We are given more or less clear instructions of what we should remove from pages, and anchor links are not in that list.
Accepted by admin
If this somebody shares the anchor link, IV for will be open. Anchor won't work. So the link must be removed.
Andrew A.
How come the anchor won't work? If I try to give a link to in a Telegram chat and open it in IV, the anchor works. Well, I tried with "View in Telegram", and it didn't work. But probably that's a shortcoming of that function. In real IVs anchors do work.

Even if they didn't, that's obviously an IV problem, not mine. It may start to work in the future; people can open links not only in IV. I save the content & save the anchor link. My opponent removes the content that is present in the source and has a function there. And I am to blame for the fact that Telegram currently (allegedly) doesn't support something. Phew.
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Mar 10, 2019