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Issue #3

part of text is missing
Accepted by admin
werre our 🔥
Just in case this appeal will be too big, I created a pastebin with exactly the same content (except formating):

It is a bug of original page or (and) a bug of IV template engine. There are different opinions on should template creators fix these bugs or not, so I decided to try to appeal. I only hope this appeal won't be marked as junk, as rules don't say anything exactly on this topic.

Original page has a bug. Paragraph and a kind of hr (3 *) came to figure due to CMS bug / WYSIWYG editor bug / mistake of user. This happened only once ( I haven't found any other case) and has no sence as I can see, so it can be indeed called a bug.

IV template engine handles figures in a strange way. It saves first (img|iframe|video|slideshow) and first figcaption, everything except this goes to dev/null | the black hole | the mouth of the Eater of Worlds. That's why paragraph is lost. This bug is not documented (as any except blockquote/p) and what may be even more important is quite r
Accepted by admin
Sorry, but it's something that the creators of templates must fix. Template #14 handles the case well.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 18, 2017 at 9:09 PM