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Issue #2

You can't just remove all author/credits information from an article, and pick the whole paragraph to present as the author.

The bold paragraph is content you shouldn't just remove.

Identical issue:
Fran Košec
It's not identical since in the link you are quoting you picked two words to put in the author property and completely removed the whole paragraph which contained other authors and information from the IV - you removed content which was crucial, and that's why that issue was accepted. Please use common sense.

Look at this, you're reporting a similar thing again, and it already got declined:

"Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti, OBMOČNA IZPOSTAVA TREBNJE" is the author of this article and is presented as such. In this rare case, it's not a person (it's an agency), but it's better to do it that way, because in other 99% of cases, it is a person. An author doesn't have to be a person. I'm not removing any information, or adding for that matter. It jus happens to be that this author, an agency, has a longer name ... so what? It's still the author of this article.

Again, use common sense. This is a one-off article with that author, a
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Type of issue
Author added their own content
Mar 10, 2019