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Issue #1

1. this is not a blockquote.
2. identifiable related link should be renderedd <related>
3. this section should be visually separated from other path of content
4. <cite> is incorrectly used on "read more(Čtěte zde:)" link
Сергей С
That was a little problem for me how to present this block. Seems it's some kind of a related article block. But:
1. Block clearly identify itself as a blockquote with class="blockquote2" that's why I convert it to blockquote.
2. If I'd present it with <related> tag I should remove a content of blockquote as it would be weird to display only content when link is not displayed
3. Removing content of this block can be dangerous so I think better (and safer) to present it the way I did

Look at IV generated by your template on actual device - you will not see the link but content remains visible confusing user (what is this paragraph?)
Declined by admin
For sure the link and the text can't be separated, since they're directly related. For the same reason this link can't be formatted as related (the link won't be displayed if that page has no IV).

Regarding formatting as blockquote: the original article uses "blockquote2" for this block. Although I agree it isn't a quote, I'm not sure the website doesn't use the same class for actual quotes.

So in this case this formatting is acceptable.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 27, 2019