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Issue #1

there must be no site name ("") in title
The "header > h1.linkArtykul" is empty, therefore a fallback to "head > title" is used.

You used the unidentified paragraph following after h1.linkArtykul to get the title, that isn't the safest solution.
Accepted by admin
The unidentified paragraph isn't a sibling of <h1>, but a child:

<h1 class="linkArtykul">
<p>Magiczne zawody. Naturolog, refleksolog.... Czy wiesz, czym się zajmują? (ZDJĘCIA)</p>
Yes, it is in the source code.
However that's what the IV parser provides:

[] @debug: $header/parent::div
Debug 1 node:
[0]: <div class="nine columns mobile-four naglowek">&#13;
<a href="" title="Echo Dnia" class="logotyp">&#13;
<img src="" alt="Echo Dnia"/></a>&#13;
<h1 class="linkArtykul">&#13;
</h1><p>Magiczne zawody. Naturolog, refleksolog.... Czy wiesz, czym się zajmują? (ZDJĘCIA)</p>&#13;

This @debug is executed at the very beginning of the template before any other manipulations. Why the paragraph is pulled out of the header?
Accepted by admin
<p> inside header isn't acceptable, so IV engine detaches it. Still can be identified as a next-sibling
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Mar 28, 2019