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Issue #4

Ah, forgot to mention: there are indeed pages where the summary is an exact copy of the first paragraph (sometimes the only). These cases we can detect (by text equality) and remove the summary for them. This way the user won't see that block when it's actually useless, and it's really safe to remove (since there is a check for that). And that's the answer for your question why I didn't include it for that gallery page.

Still, there are pages where it's not exact duplicate (I linked an example, there are plenty more, not hard to find). For these cases, and cases where text is duplicated only deep in the article, I think this summary block should be included.
Website editors put it there for some reason. And when it's not obviously safe to remove, it shouldn't be.
Pavel T.
All information presented in this "short version" exitsts in article text even on the pages you sent. All essential content is presented. We haven't enough data to semantic analytics that allow us to take a decision about keeping or removing this part. In 99,9% cases this block duplicates main content, as I said in the answer to your previous issue.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 6, 2019 at 4:52 PM