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Issue #1

Although the summary must be preserved, it must not be formatted as pullquote.
Accepted by admin
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Just seen this:

It's a decision on a similar issue where it was decided that a summary must be formatted as pullquote.

Although I already resubmitted my template, I still think that pullquote serves the purpose better in this case (as it give a more distinct separation than anything else)

So, can you please clarify the difference?

Apart from the fact that this one is placed before the main text, they seem similar in their semantic role.
Also, this one is more often than not is "pulled aside":

I'd like to understand better what makes using a pullquote an issue, and when it's the opposite.

In case it'll be decided to decline this issue: I know you don't restore templates if a newer version was submitted; just want to let you know that this is the only change.
Accepted by admin
In this case the block can't be formatted as pullquote, since it has its own "layout" and contains several "items" in the list. Lists just look awful being formatted as aside.
On the other hand, if the summary is a single sentence, it looks better as a pullquote.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Mar 12, 2019