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Issue #1

Accepted by admin
Mikhail Komendant
I know

But i cant handle this case.There is what I see in a source code (without JS):
And what i see in IV editor,souce code of page:
The figure that should contain a video doesn't exists in IV editor in 'ORIGINAL' section

The only one thing in source code tells us that this page may contain a video - a share buttons after title, it have attribute data-type="video"

But this attribute cant be used as 100% proof that article contain a video. And we can't set a rule to discard articles without video if share buttons have it, because this can also discard a pages that actually don't have a video (example:
- static article without video,but in share buttons present data-type="video")
I think this is a how works location restrictions of ESPN site - it just deliver to restricted user a page without video block

P.S. Pls allow to write in appearl textbox more than 1024 bytes - sometimes it's not enough :)
Declined by admin
Agreed. These videos seem to be missing because of a region IV bot grabs webpage from. When supported region is used, <figure> with data-video attribute appears in webpage source. Since IV viewers may be from anywhere in the world, it seems acceptable to ignore these specific videos.
Accepted by admin
I accept this issue again, because it turns out template author found a better way of handling such videos in newer version of the template.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 11, 2019