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Issue #1

Pages like this fail to generate an IV because the gallery that this template tries to extract through @inline is from the parent domain "". This can be identified though, check my template.
It happens because "Iframe page from a different origin is not allowed". (Because gallery appears in the parent domain)

And what do you recommend me, to have just one image instead of the whole gallery like you do? You don't even support this page properly (At least in template #25(maybe you will change it, I don't know)). Of course, you may make up some unsafe method of supporting it, but it is not necessary to do in a subdomain as I fully support parent domain with no problems.
Accepted by admin
The same gallery is well supported by the Template #24 (by Nufaii)
First, it's a subdomain. Second, it cannot be reliable extracted. The only way he did it is to modify src, check it yourself. But I want to make website safely so I extracted photos by inlining. Should we do dangerous extracting even though the parent domain is fully supported?
Accepted by admin
Technically you already support this domain. But with an error.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Apr 4, 2019