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Issue #1

it's tag, not kicker, check my detail explanation here if you need one
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Well, let me explain my point.
1. These "tags" are not clickable. Usually, tags are used to let users read more articles on a topic. Can I access the full list of related articles by clicking this "tag"? No.

2. There are actual tags at the bottom of the page – look at all these red # blocks! And none of them duplicate that yellow thingy.

3. These "tags"/kickers are usually unique. They are definitely related to their articles and always contain a short summary of what is written below them. Have you seen any other articles with this "HEROINOVÁ ROMANCE" tag? I bet you haven't. That's because 98% of them are, as I've already said, unique (well, the only exception I could find is "VÍKENDOVÝ HOROSKOP". But it's still a kicker because it is neither a section nor a category, just a brief description of what a user is going to read.)

4. You mentioned that these blocks have a .tag class. I think it means "label" here. Moreover, these yellow things have data-hash="false", which means they have a different role.

Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 6, 2019