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Issue #1

Please check the table at the end, it's totally broken.
There are 2 "tables" at the end of the article : the "Ficha Técnica" and the scorecard on its 1st row.
In the source, the scorecard is an actual html table while the Ficha Técnica itself is just a bunch of divs, which the css renders like a table on a desktop web browser with enough screen estate.
The reason for that is that the scorecard needs to be looking this way to be readable : aligned, each team and their score on their respective side.
But the rest doesn't need to be formatted in a 4 columns table to keep its meaning (hence it being decided by css).
We should do the same, that's why I only force-formatted the scorecard as a table.
All original information is in the IV and presented in a way semantically consistent with the source.

Besides, formatting all that info in 4 columns as in the source may render badly on small screens, and it isn't necessary.
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Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Apr 1, 2019