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Issue #1

The last two images should be icons, they are wrapped in table just like the other two at the beginning of table.
As I explained before:
- no they are *not* "wrapped in table" : the ones at the top of the Ficha Técnica are in an actual HTML <table>, because they *need* to be aligned ; the ones you highlighted below are in <div> which the CSS renders like tables in a web browser with enough screen estate : it's a cosmetic choice from the website which the IV doesn't need to reproduce
- IV should preserve content, not formatting (unless necessary of course, like the actual HTML <table> discussed above or results sections found in other articles like ) ; in this case all the content is preserved and as readable as in the source
If it was critical to be formatted like this the source would have used HTML tables for these too, not divs.
- <pic> icons are for images included or to be aligned with text : they need to "appear the same way in IV as they do in the text" (cf. checklist, w
Accepted by admin
The problem with using <img> for low res images is that they will be expanded to screen width.

So <pic> is specifically for lower resolution images so that they will not get upscaled to screen width.

If you look at this IV in the mobile Telegram app, these logos at full screen width actually end up fairly blurry compared to just displaying them as icons.
Thank you for clarifying, it sounds reasonable, although it would be nice to have been mentioned in the checklist clarifications.
So I take it it's fine not to set a width and height for these last 2 icons, since they're fine being displayed at their original resolution (as long as they're not upscaled), is this right ?
Also, could you confirm the formatting of the "Ficha Tecnica" as per this template is acceptable? There were several issues submitted in the past as it needing to be formatted in tables to achieve in the IV a look similar to the CSS rendering in the browser.
Accepted by admin
For <pic>, it should be okay if the logo images are displayed at their original resolutions, as long as they are not upscaled (such as with <img>). Displaying them at lower resolutions but with same aspect ratio is also fine.

For the "Ficha Tecnica" section in general, the 2nd area has many icons and text squished together. it's fairly difficult to tell what belongs to what and can be quite confusing for readers.

As for how to handle it, it's hard to say what would necessarily be better. Yes, tables could help. I'm not sure that tables would be absolutely required for this case though.

In general, it's better if the IV can look as close to the original source page as possible, but this is not an absolute requirement, and sometimes it's not possible.

For instance, even if you use tables here, IV format doesn't support wide tables well, so they actually go off the screen and there isn't really a way for a user to easily know that they have to swipe the table left to see more of the table.

In any case, a m
Accepted by admin
(Was cut off, here's the rest:)

In any case, a major factor is the IV needs to be readable. Formatting / organizing data in IV should always take that into account.

I hope these explanations help clarify things.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 8, 2019