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Issue #1

Author changed the order of the elements : the 2nd video title shows up below the video it refers to in IV, instead of above as in the source (note: I can't highlight the video in the preview because it will only start playing, it's the 2nd one at the bottom of the page).
inb4 "the source is broken" : I looked at it and can't find anything peculiar about it ; it's a <p> followed by a <div>, followed by an exactly similarly-formated <p> followed by a <div>.
As a matter of fact, longnull's and my template don't break the order and show each title above their respective video as in the source.
I think something is broken in the code deflating youtube embeds and putting them in place of the html placeholder in this template.
It will have the same issue with any page having 2 videos after each other and a paragraph in between.
yes, it's a bug in my code.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Apr 12, 2019