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Issue #3

I saw you filing an issue (to which I can't reply) referring to my "manipulating" the admins: quite a manipulative move in itself, ironically.
Obviously after reading that, said admin may very well feel more inclined to accept your issue, lest he confirms your manipulation accusations by rejecting it.
I believe you didn't do this on purpose, but talk about trying to manipulate the admins...
I don't personally think they're that easily manipulable (and I hope they aren't) so it's fine but still, if they accept the issue you complain about, now I'll never know for sure if it's really just about the issue :\

We both defend our issues / templates, then let the admins judge, it's par for the course in a competition.
I'll send you some now, which you'll be free as well to defend as invalid and let the admins judge about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to humbly suggest we all stick to templates and issues and stay off the ad-hominems.
I bet neither we nor admins need that drama.

Hey. I'm sorry if I made the wrong conclusion about you, I'm just tired of how the participants are trying to evade ANY issue.

Declined by admin
Yes, in general, it'd be nice if we can keep arguments/counter-arguments to specific issues/cases and to keep things civil.
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Apr 22, 2019