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Issue #1

All <iframe>s with src ending in .mp4 must be converted to <video>. They show gifs this way and your template doesn't handle such pages. They are not embeds, but just video files.
Anvar Jamgirov
It is not identifiable. There are so many iframe has. and not all <iframe> ending with .mp4.
We can't safely check all iframe to replace video tag. Look at link and make sure there is unsupported embed. There is no any class to differentiation from that iframe. Both iframe are same position.

We can find many links as above link.
So we can't do all iframe to video.
If we do iframe, in feture IV supported this widgets. And all content works well.

In checklist:
If the unsupported widget has an iFrame version, make it into an <iframe>. If you do that, the IV page will not be generated due to unsupported content, but things will work out of the box if and when we support that widget.

Admins decision and we find many links that:
Accepted by admin
<iframe> with direct link to mp4 file can be identified as video at least by ".mp4" in src. Since it's not a widget and the direct link can be obtained, mp4 file must be formatted as video.
Anvar Jamgirov
Ok i will correct this .
But in #14 template has some problem
in this link:
In here some some photos are missing . And some content you remove
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Apr 21, 2019