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Issue #2

Yeah, another one-off case for missing figcaption as this issue The problem is how you handle .wp-caption, you can't just assume it will always have an image inside, before transforming it into figure, you should check wether there's image inside, if not, you just leave as it is no matter how broken it's. Then you won't miss any text but format like figcaption.
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Same outcome, another way to break the markup.

Now it's:
- p/a/img
- ul.wp-caption
- - (text)

The other page was:
- ol.wp-caption
- - img
- - (text)

Also notice that both cases have mceTemp class. Can't say how it got there (messing with HTML code or broken editor), but it obviously wasn't supposed to be there. Same for those ol/ul.

Just checking for image in .wp-caption as you are proposing wouldn't work in the case of the other page, since .wp-caption contains an image. Special treatment for a variation of broken markup is needed anyway.

Ways to format content correctly are limited. Ways to break are infinite.

You may be able to find a third broken page (I couldn't). But chances are, you'll have to fix it specifically and resubmit the template before reporting an issue again.
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So the second case of the broken layout was found only in the article from 2017 on other subdomain

These original article's mistakes don't seem to be too common. So there's no need to create a workaround for all (two) of them.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 13, 2019