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Issue #1

Hi there.

I have one issue with embed post here that cant be solved by template.
Selected tweet contains poll widget, that is essential part of this tweet, but it not displayed in IV.

And same thing happens for poll widget in Telegram post (poll is displayed as list):
Mikhail Komendant
I also checked my winned templates and have 2 questions/issues:

1. Site ( changed domain to, what should I do in this case?
In the first competition I had similiar case with (they changed domain few months later after the competition), and admin added new domain to IV. Is it possible to do same thing in current situation?

2. In issue admin says that site name should be 'T-Online' (as on the logo). But now this site has changed its logo. Should I change site name to '' (as on the new logo), or should it still be 'T-Online'?
Maybe this is a stupid question cause now checklist clearly says to use the name that users see on the main page, but I just wanna be sure that it correct decision to change site_name to ''

Thanks :)
Declined by admin
1. Of course, it's possible. When the contest is over, we will add this new domain and you will able to submit your template for it

2. T-Online is acceptable.
Declined by admin
Thank you for the info about polls. Forwarded to the developer.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 31, 2019