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Issue #1

This image is used as a cover (above the title) and has

6.2.2 Cover images
It is obligatory to use a cover image:
-If the image is present on the page and described in the source as “featured-img”, “cover”, “lead_img”, “main_image”, etc.
-When the article has a cover on the source website (above the title or subtitle).
tldr: specifics of the site, I didn’t want to break consistency

Hello admins. The thing is this site has problems with captions.
Sometimes they can be placed in one paragraph, sometimes in another.

I didn’t want to break the consistency of the site.

If I’d put this image into cover, I would also have to add captions which are indistinguishable(you can check history, I reverted lots of stuff I did)

Agiw added captions from the first paragraph but other images don’t have captions. And it looks inconsistent and bad.

Just take a look at this page:

If the site owners decide to change the first paragraph then it will break the captions.

Ok, If I’d placed the first image into cover then the captions would be away from it.

I think I did the right thing by keeping the image outside of cover.

I can also say that I did it on purpose.

Another notice:
doesn’t really sound like cover, feature
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 15, 2019