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Issue #2

Setting the lead paragraph as the subtitle is acceptable, if not recommended. But in this case this results in the loss of the real subtitle, highlighted in the original.
Accepted by admin

This issue was created as part of our final processing of appeals on our earlier decisions submitted by the contestants. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to participate in our contest!

Please note that we no longer accept submissions of new issues in any form. As of this stage, we can only process appeals on our decisions about the issue for which the appeal was submitted.
Accepted by admin
Kindly see this issue as well:
Pavel T.
Sorry, i understand, that my template loses some text & have other issues from Telegraph-5-list, but i have a question about the future of these blocks. It's not subtitle, its UPtitle and IV has no tools and functions to set it correctly. On other sites (maybe, on this site too) it will often provide some logical paradoxes when uptitle used as subtitle.

For example

How to make TG admins angry and tired?


How to make TG admins angry and tired?


Maybe you will create one more additional field in IV pages in future contests? Thank you for attention)
Accepted by admin
Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, we've learned A LOT about articles on the internet during this contest, and we will use all this knowledge to upgrade the IV engine before we start the next contest. So it should become possible to support such things much more flexible. And if not — we'll at least have very clear guidelines on what to do about these cases.

Thank you for your patience with all those issues out of season. We are now 99,99% done.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Aug 3, 2017