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Issue #1

This article can generate IV and display the best image quality without unnecessary deletions; it’s enough to use @data-lazy-srcset. Can see my template
Accepted by admin
Andrew A.
Sorry that I didn't have time to answer; that's a 100% mistake. What the issuer has done is completely incorrect, and is also not needed to be done; his claim about @data-lazy-srcset is wrong. But first things first.

1. This image isn't shown on the original page (2 are shown, this one is not). He fixed a URL of an image that is broken in the original. It's not the template creators' job to fix sites.

2. The path he has used is not from @data-lazy-srcset—I use @data-lazy-srcset myself. It is from @data-orig-file. On WordPress sites, in my experience, @data-orig-file is generally unsafe to use, as it may contain 1) unprocessed images, 2) uncropped images, 3) completely foreign images.

And (!) the third is exactly what has happened to his template #25 on this page: The last image on the site is different from his.


So, his replacement is not only not needed, but unsafe and leads to content altering.
Declined by admin
Yes, perhaps this is not an issue with image quality.

Trying the other URLs from the source page's source code, they do not seem to load either.

And yes, the other template does indeed show a different image in the IV than on the source page.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 3, 2019