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Issue #4

The "About Us" page can be IV if it contains only descriptions, but it seems to me when it contains the names and photos of employees that may change over time, that is, if the data changes, IV will show old information as IV is cached on the telegram servers.
not a critical issue. this page is not being edited every day or so, so it's *relatively* static.
Accepted by admin
Support for About pages is optional. However, optional cases, if supported, must be supported well.

In this specific case, David is correct that since this About page shows employees, that this can change over time. The main issue though is that this template sets a published_date for this page.

If there was no published_date set, then the IV's cache would continue to update, but over long intervals, which might still be okay with a page like this that wouldn't update often.

However, since published_date is set, eventually this IV's cache will not be updated anymore. If employees change, the IV would not reflect this.

So this is a valid issue.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Mar 11, 2019