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Issue #4

Breaks inside blockquotes should be preserved as on the original page ( ) , now it's one big wall of text instead of some paragraphs.

There is a quite similar issue which was accepted by admin:
If you didn't noticed, IV parser removes all the markup inside blockquote. It even turns lists into plain text. For a regular text it does the opposite. Devs made it to work this way, and we have to accept that.
Trying to hack it by manually adding extra line breaks isn't a good idea.
Accepted by admin
Siddiqjon's template handles this better.
handles what? there's nothing to handle here. Siddiqjon is trying to fix an issue that doesn't exist.
Accepted by admin
The handling of blockquotes in IV is handled better in the other template.

The purpose of IV is to be readable and accessible. If an IV actually ends up less readable, then what is the point of IV? A user can just view the page in a regular browser instead.

It's possible for IV to support line breaks well in blockquotes.

Without these linebreaks in blockquotes (which would normally be supported in browser by CSS margins), these long blockquotes become much less readable.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 24, 2019