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Issue #1

Admin plz check this page in browser this page have unssupported video about Cannes.
But u accept this issue
WTF? Please can u say how u work if in rule have
6.8.2. Videos from unsupported players

If the unsupported widget has an iFrame version, make it into an <iframe>. If you do that, the IV page will not be generated due to unsupported content, but things will work out of the box when and if we support that widget.
If it is not possible to represent the widget as an iFrame, but it is possible to get a direct link to the video, use this link to generate a <video> with the correct src attribute.
Otherwise, mark the object with the @unsupported function.
Deleted Account
The video is not related to the article itself, it falls under the category of "Read also", "More on the topic", etc. These elements are optional and can be removed if they affect the style or the generating of an instant view from the following:

6.6. ‘Read also’, ‘Read more’, ‘More on this topic’ links

These blocks are optional. For purposes of style:

It is advisable to place any ‘further reading’ links at the end of the page (see ‘Recent News’ in the Telegram blog template – if it is technically possible to identify them in the source and relocate them.
‘Read more’ blocks that feature links to other articles on the same site are better suited for this treatment (because they will open further IV pages).
‘Related topics’ blocks with links that lead to dynamic lists of articles are less convenient and are better to be removed (such links will open pages that don't support IV).
None of the above is required. We will not be accepting issues based on ‘further reading’ links o
Declined by admin
The video here is part of a "read more" section. The IV for the article itself can be generated and this video can safely be removed without losing essential content of the article.

The issue for your template was accepted, because you didn't show an IV for this page while it's indeed possible without losing essential content.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Jun 5, 2017