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Issue #3

In responce to this issue

Both you and admin are wrong, and your template does not handle this case at all.

Rules say:
"If a part of an article is not available in the Instant View format, an IV page must not be generated."
"Mark any unsupported essential content using the @unsupported function."

Here's an example of proper handling unsupported embed, made by YOU btw:

The result is completely different, as you can see.

In that case, you get no errors and no IV, as it supposed to be.
In this case, you get an error and an incomplete IV.

I have lots of such issues reported for other domains, and they all got accepted. But this one is constantly getting declined for some reason.
Declined by admin
While it certainly can matter for some templates how to handle certain content, it's not reason enough to reject a template because of the way the unsupported element is being handled.

If there is a valid reason for why the other way (embed/element not supported) should be used, we will consider the issue. In this case there won't be IV for both ways which is just fine.

There is one exception for example: if the +..after block unsupports certain elements, they should **not** be marked as unsupported manually because Telegram may automatically support these in the future.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 16, 2019