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Issue #1

missing related article gallery
The best solution is to create a related article and not put a photo with a link.
In this example, he sees how the same image is repeated below. . There are many similar situations (
As you can see on the original site, a box is created that refers to the related article.
The best solution is to format as a related article and put the title GALLERY
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If you try to open the linked page in IV, you'll be redirected back to this article. So it doesn't make any sense as <related>. Not to mention that it doesn't look like one.
Accepted by admin
Since there's duplicated content, the image must be removed.
In this case a link to the gallery isn't important: all images are present in the article. So the link can be removed too.
Note: if a linked gallery contains more images than an article. a link to it must be preserved
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There are cases where images from the gallery are not present in the article at all. Here you can see three gallery links with no duplicates:

It's important to preserve the image too as a preview, to match the source (in the source the user can see what's the gallery about before following the link by looking at the preview). It's only possible to get one image for a gallery. But since there's a link to the rest of the images, that should suffice.

We don't have a reliable way to detect that the gallery has only duplicates. Even if the number of images in the gallery matches the number of images in the article, they may be different images.

Actually, we can't even detect that the first image in the gallery is duplicated in the article, because they have different src's.

I believe this is best we can do to support such pages.
Accepted by admin
I have reviewed articles with galleries on this website, and have decided that:

- Gallery blocks must be formatted as slideshows. Gallery title must be preserved inside slideshow's caption as a link to the gallery, subtitle is optional, because it's visible only on the gallery's page. Image captions must be fully preserved.
- Inline gallery content (id="lightgallery") should be removed on this page, unless it's proven that it can differ from the galleries presented in the article and there's no reliable way to check it (on the page you linked there's no such block).
- Gallery pages, when they are not redirected to an article, must properly generate IV:
- We will probably turn off canonical for this website, so links to galleries will always work properly and won't redirect the original article.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 13, 2019