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Issue #2

Main page, list of articles.
Accepted by admin
Анон Михалыч
The layout of the main page of this site was altered after the contest was finished. I don't have this page cached in editor but i'm pretty sure that i've checked it. This obvious issue could not be unnoticed provided the template was submitted a week before contest was finished and there were at least 4 contestants.
Accepted by admin
It seems unlikely that the HTML structure of this frontpage has changed.

It's difficult to find an older cache for this frontpage that is just before template 6's submit date, although this cache from Nov 22, 2016 exists:
In this 2016 cached version, template 6 would have still generated an IV for the frontpage.

Also, say the frontpage HTML structure did change, the other templates on this domain (including templates 9, 8, and even 2) do not generate an IV for the frontpage. So if such structural changes did occur, the other templates on this domain would still be more resilient to such potential changes than template 6.

This issue remains valid.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Jul 21, 2017